Footwear - Increase Revenue Per Customer 

Ensure every style and color footwear in backroom are on display


Top 3 barriers to Revenue Generation
Retailers are facing today

  1. Lack of proper clienteling, based on floor set changes and customer historical behavior

  2. Lack of customer engagement, based on customer location and purchase history

  3. Missed sales opportunities due to inefficient floor replenishment processes


How Proxima360 can help you solve these issues?

Build Interactive Dashboards to assist with Clienteling

  • Interactive dashboards to conduct clienteling for key customers

  • Keep track of customer shopping habits and issue item recommendations enhancing customer re-engagement
  • Re-engage customers based on location with text messages about new offers or items

  • Entice customers with personalized offers and rewards to drive another trip

Strategies for Customer 

Keeping Track of Inventory

  • App to track store inventory, running real-time comparison of floor versus backroom ensuring missing items/SKUs are identified and replenished

  • Real-time reporting of inventory scans to head office team for better accountability and accuracy

Are you able to find, engage and build customer relationships to encourage loyalty and repeat purchases?