E-Commerce for Mid-Market Retailers

End-to-end e-commerce solution. Cost effective system with built-in OMS, WMS, omni-channel, shipping optimization, and performance monitoring


Top 3 E-Commerce Issues
Retailers are facing today

  1. Lack of order fulfillment optimization

  2. Lack of proper assortment planning, inventory control and inventory planning.

  3. Incorrect forecasting of retail metrics due to inaccuracy in the metrics related to store sales and shrink


How Proxima360 can help solve these issues?

Fulfillment Optimization

  • Implement tools that support proper promotion of products based on customer location to reduce shipping costs

  • Reduce operational (carrier, returns & payroll) costs and increase margins with effective fulfillment tools and strategies
  • Dashboards and report generation for clients to incorporate e-commerce fulfillment of sales via brick-n-mortar locations

  • Implement proper assortment planning methods to consider ship-from-store or buy-online-pickup-at-store

Assortment Planning

Retail Metrics Forecast

  • Ability to edit metrics for retail forecasting to ensure an accurate view of the business

  • Tools and strategies for retailers to measure the impact of physical retail on digital sales

Pick, pack, and ship in a fast, affordable and accurate manner with our fulfillment optimization tool