Allocate based on Customer Demographics

Have the right merchandise assortment at different stores


Top 3 Allocation Issues
Retailers are facing today

  1. Inability to allocate using size demographics.

  2. Repetitive data entry.

  3. Extensive labor hours due to manual workarounds.


How Proxima360 can help you solve these issues?

Build Applications with Custom Screens

  • AI based size profiling to distribute merchandise to stores

  • Built-in, complex grouping of stores and items based on size profiling
  • Ability to upload spreadsheet directly into the allocation system without having to key-in parameters

  • Custom dashboards to monitor workflow and increase efficiency

Dashboards for Allocators

Enhance Labor Efficiency

  • Increase warehouse and store efficiency by enhancing cross dock and receiving operations

  • Reduced redundancy and repetitive processes by automating related workflows

Looking to upgrade your current allocation system?