Payment Processing

Implementing Square Terminal with Legacy POS Systems


Top 3 Payment Processing Issues
Retailers are facing today.

  1. Payment gateway solutions with limited upgrades

  2. Long wait periods and high costs to implement changes

  3. Complex technical deployment solutions are counter-productive to business operations


How Proxima360 can help solve these issues?

Square and Legacy POS Integration

  • Square & Legacy POS integration allowing implementation of Square device to replace signature pads

  • No more expensive hardware for standard signature pads. No need to configure specific debit keys
  • Built-in solution for text and email receipts, out of box acceptance of all forms of payments

  • No configuration or modifications required.

Out of the Box Solutions

Reduce Licensing Costs

  • Cost effective solution with a comprehensive deployment plan, offering backup solutions

  • Reduced licensing costs and implementation complexities

Minimize the risk of multiple failures. Integrate Square with your existing POS system..