Store Merchandise Arrival Forecast

Optimize backroom labor by predicting merchandise arrivals to stores


Top 3 Merchandising Issues
Retailers are facing today.

  1. Limited or no visibility to the contents of store shipment

  2. Stores are unable to prepare their stock and sales floor prior to receiving shipments

  3. Stores are unable to plan labor hours properly and contribute to better inventory control


How Proxima360 can help you solve these issues?

Know Your Shipment Prior to Arrival

  • Ability to view all shipment items/SKUs prior to arrival

  • Fast and efficient shipment visibility implementations
  • Better prepare your stockroom and sales floor with Inventory Visibility Management

  • Plan labor resources for backroom to sales floor fulfillment

Inventory Visibility Management

Merchandise Visibility

  • Improve visibility of merchandise availability to meet customers demand 

  • Increase efficiency of staff, allowing more time to help customers

Know your merchandise prior to arrival. Plan for a better sales floor.