Store Payroll Control & Tracking

Keep payroll to 13% of sales, measuring planned sales, scheduled payroll hours, and actual payroll hours


Top 3 Payroll Issues
Retailers are facing today

  1. Lack of effective payroll tracking at the store

  2. No active tracking of actual sales versus payroll hours

  3. Lack of planning at the distribution center to live track shipments and make real-time labor hours adjustments


How Proxima360 can help solve these issues?

Active Monitoring

  • Dashboards to allow store management to react promptly to the shift in sales and un-utilized resources

  • Align store payroll to store sales during planning and real-time to support sales
  • Keeping payroll to 13% of sales

  • Measuring planned sales vs. scheduled payroll hours, vs actual payroll hours, vs hours actual sales

Measure Sales vs Payroll

Planning at Distribution Centers

  • Dashboard that allows distribution centers to holistically plan resource hours 

  • Payroll planning based on received shipments and changes to planned shipments

We can help you keep your store payroll to 13% of your overall sales