Holistic Retail & Cost Accounting

Consolidate accounting methods for the organization into one.


Top 3 Accounting Issues
Retailers are facing today

  1. Multiple accounting systems and perspectives across different departments

  2. Mixed retail and cost accounting - in one organization

  3. Absence of holistic accounting solutions requires a significant investment in ad-hoc reporting


How Proxima360 can help solve these issues?

 Key Retail KPIs

  • Implement new systems with shared, holistic KPIs across the organization 

  • KPIs to ensure one shared, omni view of  sales, inventory movement, growth, and customer satisfaction
  • Inventory evaluation during markdowns to help manage open-to-buy accurately

  • Dashboard and KPIs for all metrics across all departments

Open-to-Buy Management

Holistic Reporting Platform

  • Consolidate functions across departments, create holistic reporting platform allowing departments to review and react to metrics

  • Import historical data to help businesses analyze current trends versus comps

Do you struggle  with departments working in silos? We provide strategies & solutions to help create synergies and drive engagement