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Introducing allocation360

allocation360 streamlines the merchandise allocation process with its user-friendly interface. It enables allocators to achieve optimal inventory distribution by determining the inventory requirements at the item, location, and pack level.

Top Features

Real-time allocations at the
style, color, sku, or pack level

Create real-time allocations at the style, color, SKU, and/or pack level based on historical or forecast data. Manual allocation to allocate your products based on inventory behavior

Efficient algorithms
to maintain inventory

Maintain the inventory level at stores based on size profiles to improve sales and the customer experience at the store

New store openings made easy

Reserve inventory for your future stores and release the allocation only when the store is ready to accept the inventory

Features & Benefits

Intuitive Retail Allocation

allocation360 provides allocators the flexibility of basing allocations on different sources, rules, and quantities prior to inventory arrival or after inventory has been received at the warehouse.

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