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    Proxima360 is a high impact solutions management consulting company. We address critical business needs within the complex retail landscape. Our holistic approach in implementing retail solutions will optimize operations and improve revenue. We are a preferred advisors and solutions provider for nations top retail brands meeting their operational desires with their technical needs. We are here to advice, implement, integrate & support complete Oracle Retail Solutions Suite.

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    Having a centralized overview of business operations is crucial to resolve bottlenecks and perform analysis for better business health. When systems such as Oracle ERP or Oracle Store are implemented and are live, they all go through a stabilization period which could last anywhere from three to nine months. If system continues to be unstable past the standard stabilization period then this could create reliability issues and loss of business.


    Implementations are done but optimizing the retail systems for peak performances are often forgotten or kept on back burner. Whether it’s knowing your inventory status, managing promotions or simply monitoring store and employee performances, a fully optimized system helps support business executives and IT managers in critical decision-making situations.


    Understanding the current state of the business and foreseeing the immediate and future opportunities are key aspects of business enablement. In order to arrive at any such strategic business decisions, executives rely largely on accurate data collection and data manipulation. Business analytics empowers managers to manage risks and increase profits.

    End to End Solutions

    Retail solutions are complex to implement. Whether it’s Brick-n-Mortar or E-Commerce, a stable and optimum solution relies on addressing true business needs while accommodating its limitations. Piecemeal approach without proper planning and discovery phase can result in an inefficient solution and loss of revenue. An end-to-end solution from an expert is the key to steady and fast business growth.

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