“Having a centralized overview of business operations is crucial to resolve bottlenecks and perform analysis for better business health. When systems such as Oracle ERP or Oracle Store are implemented and are live, they all go through a stabilization period which could last anywhere from three to nine months. If system continues to be unstable past the standard stabilization period then this could create reliability issues and loss of business.

Team at Proxima360 specializes in figuring out the root causes of unstable systems and upgrade them to be robust, reliable and efficient.” In other words, our team knows how to keep lights running at your business twenty-four seven.

See how Proxima360 is keeping Businesses run in smooth fashion.

Business Type: Fast Fashion


  • Sales not matching between XCenter (POS), Sales Audit (ReSA), Oracle RMS and Great Plains (Accounting).
  • Untimely reporting and waste of resources.
  • Inability to properly replenish stores.

Proxima360 Solutions:

  • Stabilized integration between XCenter, RMS & Great Plains.
  • Automated report generation for Accounting, Merchandising & IT for real time comparisons of sales discrepancies.

Key Business Systems/Process involved: XCenter, ReSA, Oracle RMS, Great Plains.

Business Type: Fast Fashion


  • Missing data fields during data flow from Oracle RMS into XCenter and finally into store Xstore local DB.
  • ‘Item not found’ in XStore.
  • Lost data during the data replication process.

Proxima360 Solutions:

  • Stabilized integration between RMS, XCenter & XStore to increase accuracy of data replication.
  • Real time report generation to review frequency of non-scanning SKU sales.

Key Business Systems/Process involved: XCenter, Oracle RMS, XStore.

Business Type: Sports Retailer


  • Missing real-time monitoring of infrastructure at stores.
  • Issues reported via email from stores to IT dept. rather than any real tracking system.

Proxima360 Solutions:

  • Ticketing system for stores to effectively report issues and receive feedback from IT department.
  • Implemented real-time reporting and tracking of store infrastructure i.e. data, storage, servers etc.
  • Implemented networking solution to provide complete visibility of all stores, home offices and distribution centers.

Key Business Systems/Process involved: XStore

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