National Sports Retailer

A well-established national sports retailer with over 200 brick-n-mortal locations all over United States was facing challenges with inventory allocation within their Oracle Retail implementation as well as on HR side with payroll reconciliation. Proxima360 stepped in approximately a year back to rectify the issues within no time. Check below for specific challenges and solutions we undertook and delivered.

  • In a Nutshell
    • Challenge area: Inventory Allocation
    • Solution: System Optimization using Oracle Retail Allocation tool.
    • Start-to-Finish: 6 months
    • Key Proxima360 Expertise Utilized: Optimization
    • Added Value: 16M+ savings in Gross Margin and sales combined Year-over-Year.
  • Challenge Area:
    • Being a national sports retailer with various brick-n-mortar locations all over United States required stores to be on top of the retail game by rightly displaying the inventory on store shelves. For example, one of the biggest challenges was, ‘Are we displaying all our shoes?’.
    • Allocation system not in sync with business requirements creating gaps in allocator efficiency and productivity.
  • Solution:
    • Implemented Oracle Retail Allocation capability enabling users perform Style, Color Allocation using Size profiles from SAS application.
    • Calculated optimum store inventory leveraging data science tool ‘Invent’ for successful unit allocation in the Oracle Retail Platform.
  • In a Nutshell
    • Challenge area: Time punches and payroll reconciliation.
    • Solution: Streamline implementation of XStore, Xcenter and Kronos.
    • Start-to-Finish: 6 months
    • Key Proxima360 Expertise Utilized: System Optimization.
    • Added Value:Payroll savings over 4.5M.
  • Challenge Area:
    • Missing or incorrect employee timecards from XStore to Kronos.
    • Considerable man-hours and resources spent in reconciling payroll with no dataflow from Xcenter to Kronos.
  • Solution:
    • Streamlined implementation of Xstore, Xcenter and Kronos for time punches and payroll reconciliation.
    • Reduced payroll reconciliation time-frame from weeks to days.
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