“Implementations are done but optimizing the retail systems for peak performances are often forgotten or kept on back burner. Whether it’s knowing your inventory status, managing promotions or simply monitoring store and employee performances, a fully optimized system helps support business executives and IT managers in critical decision-making situations.

Team at Proxima360 knows how to realize this vision for retailers. Synchronizing all aspects of store merchandising and e-commerce for profitability and better brand recognition is our unique differentiator.

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Business Type: Sports Retailer


  • Multiple reports between multiple resources to collect overall business data.
  • Data correlation achieved via emails between departments.
  • Compilation of multiple reports required in order to achieve consolidated view.

Proxima360 Solutions:

  • Optimized system for automatic report generation with help of executive dashboard providing a single view of multiple reports.
  • No dependency on resources for data collection. Resources could focus on their area of expertise rather than manual reporting of data to executives.

Key Business Systems/Process involved: Oracle RMS

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