Understanding the current state of the business and foreseeing the immediate and future opportunities are key aspects of business enablement. In order to arrive at any such strategic business decisions, executives rely largely on accurate data collection and data manipulation. Business analytics empowers managers to manage risks and increase profits.

Team at Proxima360 is in sync with businesses need for data and analytics. We provide turnkey solutions with key retail KPIs built on various business intelligence tools tightly integrated with Oracle Retail Solutions. Whether you are dealing with inventory or pricing solutions, be assured that our enablement strategies and solutions will improve your data-driven decision making.

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Business Type: Departmental Store


  • Single resource to handle report generation requests from multiple department resulting in loss of quality and missed deadlines.
  • Additional resources added to mitigate issues with deadlines with no prior planning.
  • No system in place to decide priority levels for report generation affecting business decision making at management level.

Proxima360 Solutions:

  • Enabled business for auto report generation by integrating Oracle RMS and XCenter into Tableau.
  • Real time BI reporting tool for departments to create their individual or consolidated reports.
  • Removed long wait times for report generation and reduced workload and stress on a single resource.
  • Increased data accuracy helping business to run efficiently.

Key Business Systems/Process involved: Oracle RMS, XCenter and Tableau.

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