National Departmental Store Chain

Operating over a century in United States, this departmental store has over 800 brick-n-mortar locations with multiple retail offerings. Having such a huge footprint, keeping up with technological advances in business operations is time and resource intensive. When it comes for legacy systems talk to future advancements, there is no better consulting firm than Proxima360. Check below for specific challenges and solutions we undertook and delivered.

  • In a Nutshell
    • Challenge area: Ineffective and inefficient store legacy applications.
    • Solution: Oracle Retail Solutions customized integration for legacy applications.
    • Start-to-Finish: 6 months
    • Key Proxima360 Expertise Utilized: System Stabilization and end-to-End Solutions.
    • Added Value:Revenue increase over 20M.
  • Challenge Area:
    • Inefficient and unstable store legacy applications.
    • Increased security risk and incompatibility with latest technologies.
    • Single point of failure.
  • Solution:
    • Consolidation of over 650 legacy applications under unified Oracle Retail Solutions umbrella.
    • No 3rd party systems integrator required.
    • Enabled systems to support Omni-channel initiatives like ‘Buy online Pickup at Store’, Ship from store, Enterprise Inventory Visibility and Centralized Returns.
    • Integration of ATG, CSC and Sterling OMS with Oracle RMS.
  • In a Nutshell
    • Challenge area: Corporate management lacking business data and reporting.
    • Solution: Analytics platform
    • Start-to-Finish: 6 months
    • Key Proxima360 Expertise Utilized: Business Enablement
    • Added Value: Accurate and faster business decisions.
  • Challenge Area:
    • Multiple reports from various resources needed to be consolidated to obtain overall business health.
    • Data sharing over email for report compilation.
    • Multiple points of failure due to manual report edits and misuse of resources.
  • Solution:
    • Overall business health report and monitoring using Oracle BI and Tableau.
    • Implementation of Oracle Analytics with Self Services Business Intelligence enabling data-on-demand for the business thus eliminating IT intervention.
    • Generated first executive dashboard for management and C-level executives.
  • In a Nutshell
    • Challenge area: Missing or inefficient e-commerce solutions.
    • Solution: Demandware & Radial integration.
    • Start-to-Finish: 6 months
    • Key Proxima360 Expertise Utilized: End-to-End Solutions
    • Added Value:Increased revenue of 10M
  • Challenge Area:
    • Online store operations with inefficient e-commerce implementation.
    • No secure payment services.
  • Solution:
    • Demandware & Radial OMS sitewide implementation.
    • Integration and process flow development of Loyalty program and Gift card program using CRM, Demandware and Radial.
    • Integration of Radial Fraud detection program.
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