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Proxima360 is a high impact solutions management consulting company. We address critical business needs within the complex retail landscape. Our holistic approach in implementing retail solutions will optimize operations and improve revenue. We are a preferred advisors and solutions provider for nations top retail brands meeting their operational desires with their technical needs. We are here to advice, implement, integrate & support complete Oracle Retail Solutions Suite.

We are a solutions brand for The Dotcom Team , a technology consulting and staffing company helping top science and technology talent around the globe for past 19 years.

Our key differentiators that keeps us apart from others.

  • Inventory Allocation
    • Style Color Allocation
    • Like Item Allocation, New Store Allocation
    • Qty Spread Algorithm, Constraints Management (Space, Min Need etc)
  • Store Optimization
    • Inventory Accuracy and Optimize Display Units
    • Department wise Counts for high shrink Departments
    • Shoe Count System
    • Store Payroll Optimization Tool
  • Simplify POS Landscape
    • Replace Verifone-Fipay-Oracle POS-Relate with SQUARE and a Mobile POS
  • Vendor Item Portal
    • Create efficiencies in Item Setup and Attribution Process
    • Seamless integration of Go to Market to Buy Process
  • Increase Productivity
    • Robotic Process Automation
    • Screen Optimizations for Merchandise Operations & Accounting
  • eCommerce for Mid-Market Retailers
    • A complete end to end e-commerce Solution
    • Capable of handling 5-50M Business
  • Enhanced eCommerce Fulfillment
    • Enhances WMS Solution to optimize Customer Fulfillment
    • Warehouse Labor Productivity Monitoring Tool
    • Shipping Optimization Tool (Integration with DHL, UPS)
    • eCommerce Performance Monitoring Packet
  • Omni Channel
    • Ship to Store and Pick Up from Store Capabilities
    • Enterprise Inventory Visibility
    • eCommerce Performance Monitoring Packet
  • Inventory Optimization
    • Data Science capabilities for optimizing store inventory.
    • Assurance of right merchandise with right quantity on right intervals.
  • Clienteling
    • Price Analytics to Categorize Merchandise by Traffic Drivers vs Cross Sell.
    • Customer Analytics based on Merchandise – Personalized service based on New Assortment & Customer Preference
  • Simplify the Technology Landscape
    • Improve upon current infrastructure and reduce wasteful spending.
    • Focus on business solutions rather than ‘tools’.
    • Enable platforms to ‘do more with less’ and be agile to support business strategies.
  • Safe Harbor
    • Pilot stores deployment strategy (Alpha, Beta & Gamma Stores).
    • Running new systems in parallel with current productions.
    • Modular implementations to reduce risks.
  • Minimum Viable Experience
    • Speed to market and agility.
    • Highways first then side-roads. Focus on the norm and not on exceptions.
    • Build lean focus teams and inspire them to be part of building something unique.
    • Be visible, transparent and approachable.
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